Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Waddoups Family Name

The name is found as Waddrupp, Wadrup, Wadrop, Wardrup and Waddup in Hayford and its

surrounding districts in Oxfordshire and as Waddoups in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

Waddup originated as "Wadrobe", a name given to a court official who looked after the court
wardrobe and was a somewhat higher official position.

The root name anciently appears on the records in Dumbartonshire, Scotland. The family was
of Boernician origin before the year 1100 AD.

Also: A record in the early thirteenth century, Robert de Warderob, which was dated 1210,
Registrorum Abbaie de Aberbrothoc (Scotland) , during the reign of King William the Lion,
Ruler of Scotland 1165 - 1214.

Also: A record of a Ralph de Waddops in the Assize Rolls of Herbfordshire in 1327.

Also: A record of the marriage of John Waddoppe and Ann Herbigh on January 23rd 1580, at St.
Stephen and St. Benet Sherehog. John Waddoppe’s son was christened at St. Peters West Cheap,
London On Dec 4th 1586.

Also: A record of William Waddrop has sons Symon and Edward christened at St. Batolph Bishopsgate,
London on January 1st 1610 and Dec 27th 1612 respectively.

And: Our own Richard Waddoups born May 14th 1721, he is the first ancestor on our Waddoups
family page on this website. His decsendants are found in England, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

On the UK electoral roll at the end of 1998, there were 92 addresses for people with the "Waddoups"
surname. There are addresses in the Midlands as is expected, Kent, Essex, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and
one address in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.


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