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Caroline Frances Angell Davis Holbrook Biography

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Caroline Frances Angell [Davis] Holbrook

a biography, written by Alice Anderson Harris, a granddaughter

In attempting to give a short sketch of pioneer life, the traveling, hardships and suffering as told by one of the pioneers herself, Mrs. Caroline F. A. Holbrook, I find it difficult to remember in detail the most interesting events, when it comes to properly placing them on paper, although I seem to know them well enough in a general way.

Mrs. Holbrook is my grandmother on my mother's side. Her maiden name was Angell and she was an own sister to Mary Ann Angell, Brigham Young's wife. As a result of this relationship, she was very close to the Young family, also was well acquainted with the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum Smith, visiting and associating with them before their martyrdom.

She was __ years old at the time they were murdered and lived within a few blocks of the Carthage Jail at the time. For days the women of the Saints were anxiously watching the doings and reporting the intentions of the mob.

On the day of the murder, reports of the approaching mob were received. Taking her baby (my mother Mary Ann A. Anderson) in her arms, she went to the front gate from which place she could see the mob surrounding the jail and at times could see the barrels of the guns and the bayonets glistening in the sun. Under such a trying scene, we may think we can imagine the feelings of this young woman, but such is impossible to feel and know that their beloved brothers and leaders were being murdered, and to be powerless at such a trying time to render assistance.

She and her people were fairly well off, having a good home in Kirtland, Ohio. She, with her mother, aided in building the Kirtland Temple by boarding several of the workmen while the temple was in course of construction, With many of the others, it was a severe task and one of those trials which none but faithful saints could endure, for her to have her home and nearly every article of furniture so dear to every mother to the destruction of the mob. But the love of God and the desire to do His will prevailed against the human ties of peaceful and comfortable homes, so she deserted all for the gospel's sake and started west.

She was born 3 October 1825 in Worth Province, Rhode Island. She was the daughter of James William Angell and Phebe Morton Angell, who was the daughter of Abraham Morton and Phebe Langford Morton. Both of her parents were born New York State.

[excerpt from Caroline's autobiography, above, was inserted here]

Grandmother raised a large family and was a hard worker and a faithful Latter-Day Saint. She lived to a good old age and passed away 28 October 1908 at Bountiful, Utah at the age of 84 years. Thus ended the career of one of God's noble creatures, but the stories of the pioneer hardships she left with us and the example of true womanhood we hope will live forever.

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